A cute Panda with its own bamboo branch!
✔ Finished Size: 57x70x76mm
✔ Material: FSC™ Certified plywood
✔ Complexity: ★★☆☆☆



One of the most popular puzzles, this Ki-Gu-Mi Panda is featured sitting like a teddy bear, holding a very special bamboo branch! Ki-Gu-Mi fun fact: The scientific name of the Giant Panda is ‘Ailuropoda Melanoleuca’, which literally means ‘Black and white cat-foot’. The Chinese name for Panda literally means ‘Big bear cat’.

The natural range of the Ki-Gu-Mi 3D Japanese Wooden Puzzles lend themselves to be personalised and decorated – you can style your Ki-Gu-Mi to suit your taste and décor! Created from fully renewable FSC™ materials, Ki-Gu-Mi puzzles are a green choice. FSC™ certified products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, causing zero harm to the environment. Now that’s eco-friendly!